Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Feelin' Charged

Well, I certainly neglected this little blog for the year. September through mid-June is a hellish time for me, and I let my corner of the internets slip between my fingers and into the electronic haze (see the "about me" section). But never fear! I am here. Again. Bitch yes.

I have taken up knitting over these past months. It's fun and exciting! If you're on Ravelry, look me up. I'm yzezzy over there. We can talk about...yarn. YARN! Oh Lord, how I love yarn. What beautiful fibers and colors! What varied textures and weights and purposes! I going into one of our local yarn stores (or LYS, for those in the know) and I nearly have a yarngasm. In many cases, I do, but I try to keep that between myself and the sexy, luscious silk alpaca blend I hold in my hands, cascading over my curves, my thighs, my...


That's just nasty. Trust me, I don't do that with yarn. At least not often.

Currently I am in the cast of a production of the musical "HAIR". Although I may do a write-up about it soon, I must say now how much I love it. It's an extremely liberating experience, one which has bred such closeness between my castmates and I. Sure, I may be the baby of the cast, but I feel a sense of equality and camaraderie which makes the entire thing just so gosh-darned fucking great.

And it's pretty darn sexy, too. All that sweaty gropey goodness. Ow ow!

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