Monday, August 25, 2008

Inebriated Arachnids.

I promise to post an FO soon, but I've been busy. Today I started a shawl using this formula and my single skein of Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn in Forest Fog. Due to the single-skein syndrome, I will definitely end up using another yarn with it. Currently, I plan to include this handspun yarn I bought at the Eugene Saturday Market. It's really quite beautiful, with these lovely subtle reds and greens. It will lend itself quite well to the shawl, because it (the shawl, not the yarn) has this "spiderweb-made-by-a-drunk-spider" look to it, which I enjoy.

I also have stalled production on my bell-sleeved shrug. I just can't take all that stockinette. Miles and miles of stockinette. Mind-numbingly dull until I get to the decrease section, which feels as though it's waiting for me off in Uzbekistan. I'll finish it soon, but not too soon. It was boring me, and I needed a change. Also on the needles are some fingerless gloves from a post on Craftster, made using my dyed Cascade 220. I messed up on the bind-off for the first one, though, so I'm going to have to frog, frog, frog. Ugh. I hate frogging. The name makes it sound fun and cheery, 'cause frogs embody those qualities, but it's really quite dismal to watch your work unravel.

In other news, the dear boyfriend/manfriend has officially moved off to New York City to attend NYU. Although video chatting with him is far superior to sending letters by mule all the way across the nation, it certainly does not substitute for actual physical contact. I want so much just to run into the screen and hug him, but all that would lead to is a broken MacBook and an embarrassing story. And nobody needs that.

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